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Business Continuity
Risk Management Workshop

This intensive ONE day workshop will provide the essential tools required to develop your business continuity plan in case of a PANDEMIC, EMERGENCY such as a fire, NATURAL DISASTER such as flood, hurricane or other, KEY STAFF ABSENCE and more. Business Continuity Planning prepares your business and your staff for major impacts on the business that could disrupt services to clients, production, and suppliers from delivering product, key staff absences and more. Your business continuity plan will address safety in the workplace for your workers and volunteers to ensure their safety. Can you afford to close your doors for two weeks or more while you reestablish somewhere else, replace key staff or find new suppliers? These are only a few of the issues you may have to deal with during the life of your business. A plan typically can take anywhere from 5 weeks to 6 months to put into place. With the tips from this workshop and the templates you will receive, you will be able to put a plan in place quickly and efficiently. Don’t delay or put off just because it is an unknown. Be prepared – don’t take risks that you can prevent.

How You will Benefit:

There is a multiplicity of benefits in planning for Business Continuity within your organization. Not only will your data, hardware, software, etc., be better protected, but the people that compose your organization will be better safeguarded should a disaster occur. In addition, employees will be informed and rehearsed as to what actions to take to immediately start the recovery process and ensure business continuity if disaster strikes. This process will assist in compliance with AODA – Accessibilities deadline requirements January 1, 2012.

Without this type of preparation any unexpected event can severely disrupt the operation, continuity, and effectiveness of your business. Disabling events can come in all shapes and varieties. They can vary from the more common calamities like hard drive corruption, building fires or flooding to the rarer, yet more severe and often longer lasting disruptions that can occur on a city-wide or even national basis; events such as disruptions in transport (oil crises, metro shut-downs, transport worker, strikes, etc.), infrastructure weakening from terrorist attacks, or even severe loss of staff due to illness like a pandemic flu. All of these strikes a blow at an organization's struggle for business continuity. For smaller companies the impact of the above mentioned and even lesser disasters can hit much harder. For example, unexpected non-availability of key workers alone could be catastrophic, potentially causing as much disruption to business continuity as technological hardship, especially if it occurs during the height of the company's busy season. If only one person is trained to do particular and/or essential tasks, their unexpected absence can severely disrupt productivity.

Thus, putting business continuity plans into practice in your organization now can prepare your business for most any potential disaster, help ensure that you will be able to maintain continuity of your business practices, and reduce or even possibly remove the effect such calamities could have on your organization.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, the following are also advantages of business continuity planning:

  • If not already, your organization my soon be required to incorporate some type of Business Continuity Management planning into its policies by either corporate governance or governmental legislation, especially if in public sector. With an effective and practiced Business Continuity plan, your insurance company may well view you more favorably should some sort of disaster ever require you to call upon their services.
  • In creating a Business Continuity plan, the process of evaluating potential weakness and planning how to deal with what could possibly go wrong often offers management the chance to gain a better understanding of the minutia of their business and ultimately helps an organization identify ways to strengthen any short comings. Frequently the greatest and most immediate value of the Business Continuity planning process is the awareness one gains of the details of his/her business and not necessarily the streamlining of how to handle disaster as an organization. Business Continuity planning can often create awareness of useful ways to improve an organization, sometimes even in areas that had previously gone unconsidered.
  • Business Continuity planning will make your organization more robust. It can strengthen your organization not only against large-scale problems it can also help make smaller problems that might have caused continuity interruptions to become moot, through detailed planning.
  • Business Continuity plan will show your investors that you take business seriously, that you are prepared and desire to maintain productivity regardless of difficulty. This preparation will also show your staff that you have their employment and personal well-being in mind. It will show that you care.
  • Informing your customers that you have a Business Continuity plan, that you have taken steps to ensure continuity of your productivity so that you can keep your commitments to them, lets them know that you consider the provision of quality service a high priority which in turns instills their confidence in your business.
  • A Business Continuity plan helps protect your organization's image, brand, and reputation. Being known as a reliable company is always good for business. And finally, a Business continuity plan can significantly reduce your loses if ever you are hit by a disaster.

What You Will Cover:

  • Continuity Management Lifecycle
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis of your organization
  • Identify and Select Continuity Strategies for Critical Business Processes and Computer Systems
  • Continuity Best Practices
  • How to establish the Organizational Framework required to enable your Continuity Plans
  • How to keep your plan current
  • The tools and knowledge required to plan and coordinate effective tests and exercises
  • How to maintain support and commitment for the Continuity Program
  • How to train your staff

Purchase your own Business Continuity Toolkit for $425.00 plus tax.