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AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act)

Train the Trainer

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This intensive one day workshop will show you how to accommodate your customers in your work and surrounding environment. The hands on exercises will ensure your compliance with the legislation that comes into effect in 2012 for Private Service Industries under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and other legislations. This workshop will be facilitated by Accessibility Experts who will give you the experience and knowledge to break the accessibility barrier. This is a Train the Trainer course – a completed certificate will enable you to train the staff at your facility.

Beyond Rewards Train-the-Trainer Course goes beyond teaching our clients about the AODA legislation by utilizing the standards as set out in the Accessibilities Act and guidelines from AccessON; Beyond Rewards will deliver a powerful presentation that supersedes Accessibility to support the client’s team in building leadership and coaching skills in their trainers. The training resource Beyond Rewards will provide for our clients will be a comprehensive framework for effectively and engagingly presenting the tools and techniques for their clients successfully training their staff.

Each participant will develop their own techniques and style. Beyond Rewards will provide tips and resources to ensure the same message and content is provided to each participant but allowing the participant to feel confident by being themselves, utilizing their own skills and style and focusing on the goals and desired outcomes of the AODA Legislation.

Beyond Rewards provides a well-rounded train-the-trainer program to participants, allowing them to develop their own style of facilitation. Through a variety of training methods introduced and used in the One-Day AODA Train-the-Trainer Workshop participants will get a feel for the different styles of learning, the different methods and content requirements for adult learners. **A prerequisite course is required on AODA prior to this course in order to effectively facilitate adult learning techniques in a one day workshop

Participants will receive a train-the-trainer certificate that they can apply to other training, have a better understanding of Adult Learning Methods, Styles and Needs and be able to apply the skills they learned to facilitate AODA Training to others in the organization.

Who will benefit by this training:
This train-the-trainer workshop educates internal organizational trainers and leaders on how to comply with pertinent and required AODA legislation, and how to effectively facilitate and coach internal staff to incorporate accessible customer service into the workplace and daily practices.

How You will Benefit:

  • Understand the legislative requirements
  • Be compliant with Ontario Legislation for Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities - Customer Service
  • Be better equipped to assist your clients with disabilities
  • Clients with disabilities will appreciate that you better understand their needs
  • Able to develop your policies, practices and procedures around the culture of your organization
  • Be the expert in your workplace and provide training to the staff

What You Will Cover:

  • Policies, practices and procedures development
  • Service animals and support people
  • Notice of disruptions in service to people with disabilities
  • Training for staff and development of your program
  • Feedback process
  • Notice of availability of documents
  • Format of documents
  • Financial support
  • Checklists

Cost: $395.00/person (Includes Complementary Training CD – Customizable for your internal organization training needs). NOTE ** this training is for internal use only not for re-sale. Copyright limits access and use of the training materials to internal training for organizations paying for the training only! Only one training CD per company provided unless from different locations identified at time of registration.